Sunday, July 15, 2007

Day 6: Fussen and Drop-off

Unfortunatley I woke up late and didn't leave myself enough time to tour the casltes in Fussen so all I have is a photo from afar. I was still close to 100 miles from Munich and didn't want to take the chance of being late to drop off the car. I wasn't too upset as I had already seen and done so much. I arrived at Harms the shipping company at around 2 and dropped the car off. Unfortunately, I had yet to drop off my luggage so I had to take the bus to the subway quite a ways to the hotel. Luckily, I still had enough time to get back on the train back to the BMW headquarters for the factory tour which was fantastic. The next morning was my flight which went smoothly as I booked a hotel only a few minutes via train from the airport.

I had a fantastic time on my short trip. I would definately recommend the European Delivery process for anyone interested in a new BMW. Now comes the 2 month wait for my car to get there but it is well worth it. BMW really does make it a painless process. Enjoy the pics from my last day. For all my friends and family who endured my endless dicussion of my BMW and trip...Thank You!

Farewell girl....see you soon.

BMW Welt under construction

The center of BMW world

Too Cool!

Schloss Neuschwanstein. as close as I got :(

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