Sunday, July 15, 2007

Day 5: Innsbruck, Austria

I left the Grossglockner for Innsbruck and arrived in the city late afternoon. On the way to Innsbruck, there was a few points on the A-Bahn I was able to open it up a little. I couldn't believe how fanastic this car is at high speed. Got it up to 125 or so and felt like I was doing 80.
I was very tired when I checked in and needed to catch a nap. There was some very nasty thunderstorms most of the night but luckily as I made my way out for some sights the next morning it was gloomy, but not raining...yet. I was able to catch a few hours of dry weather until it started raining at around 1 pm or so. From then on, we had off and on rain until late Tuesday when I dropped the car off. Here are some shots on the way to Innsbruck, in the city, and some shots from the Alps on the way back to Munich.

So Much Color!

Ferdinandeum Museum

Back in Germany!

Cool Castle Hotel on the way to Fussen

Leaving Innsbruck to Fussen...home of the famouse Neuschwanstein Castle

Rudolfsbrunnen (Built in 1877 to commemorate 500 years of
Tyrolian Austrian Federation)

Golden Roof Entrance

More Horsies! Watch your step!

Ottoburg-Golden Adler (built in 1494 at old city walls)

Annasaule to celebrate Tyrolian resistance in 1703 from Spanish succession.

Bridge over the the Inn River (the actual meaning of "Innsbruck")

Tourist central. Everybody w/cameras looking up :)

These Europeans sure love their buildings close.

Helblinghaus (Gothic townhouse from 1730)

The Goldenes Dachl (Golden Roof). Innsbruck's most famous landmark built in 1420.

Cool side streets and shops. Too bad the dollar is so weak against the Euro :(

A quick bite for breakfast before setting out to the sights.

View from Hotel Room.

Arriving at Hotel looking North to Alps.

My stay for the night in Innsbruck.

Pulling into Innsbruck from Grossglockner.

South side of the Alps on the way to Innsbruck (the weather would
not stay this nice for long)

Another shot. Cool striping on mountains.

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