Sunday, July 15, 2007

Day 3: Salzburg, Austria

So Saturday was my first trip in my BMW since I had drove directly from the delivery center to the hotel and left it parked the entire time. I was looking forward to experience the Autobahn for the first time. The engine only had a few miles on it so I knew I had to take it a little easy but I was excited nonetheless. Unfortunately there was a huge traffic jam and I ended up taking side roads to Salzburg. The navigation system did a fantastic job of re-routing me around the traffic. I stayed in a small city called Anif about 5 minutes from city center. I checked in early and then grabbed my camera and headed to the city to take in some sights.

Hotel Kaiserhof in Anif, Austria (ok but not great rooms)

Apple this tasty!

Wiener schnitzel stuffed w/ ham and shrooms.
The Austian beer was my favorite of the trip.

Motzart's Birthplace

Tight streets of city center Salzburg.

A tribute to Motzart

Residenz Platz

Inside Dom zu Salzburg..just incredible detail. It took
12 years to rebuild the church after it was damanged
during the war. It was re-opened in 1955.

Looking back at Salzburg Fortress from Residenz Platz.

Somehow the beer tastes even better with this kinda view.

Lunch of champions. I had to get something in my stomach
after the long hike up to the fortress.

St. Peters Church. Many of these structures were
damaged during the war and had to be reconstructed.

Just leaves you speechless. What a view.

Spectacular view from Festung Hohensalzburg (Salzburg Fortress)

Entrance at castle walls at top of trail.

The easy way down

Approaching fortress from hiking path

Get ready for a nice hike up to the fortress.

Map of the city

St. Erhard w/Salzburg Fortress above

My baby at the hotel in Anif. A little more room than my
hotel in Munich :)

Autobahn to Austria. North side of Alps in background.

Pit stop at the base of the Alps.

Leaving Munich for Salzburg.

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