Friday, July 13, 2007

Day 1: Munich Delivery

We'll, i'm back from Europe and wanted to put my experience down on paper for those of you interested. As most of my friends and family know, I purchased a new BMW 335i using BMW's European Delivery program. I left LAX on July 4, 2007 and arrived in Munich the next morning on the 5th. I was met at the Airport by Rolf Raffelsieper who picked me up in a nice 7 series and took me to the delivery center. Rolf was very knowledgable about BMW and sights in the city. After about 15 minutes, my name was called. I met with a young man named Sasha and he had me sign all the appropriate papers for the delivery process. After than it was time to see my new car!

I was the last delivery of the day so my car was the last one left. I ordered a Space Gray 335i coupe with black leather interior and gray wood trim. The car looked absolutely fantastic. We quickly input my first hotel and drop off center into the navigation system so I could easily recall them later. I headed to the K +K Hotel in Harras at the east of city center. They offered me underground parking which I agreed to. The trip down to the parking area required a very tight fit in a car elevator and eventually to a stall that was just barely big enough for the car. By this time I was pretty exhausted as I did not get any sleep on the plan so called it a night and was looking forward to my next morning sightseeing in Munich. Below are some pictures from Day 1. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did experiencing them.

12 hour flight awaits! First time across the pond.

Rolf picking me up in his 7 series diesel. Sweet ride!

My baby! 300 HP twin turbo charged monster :)

Yummy! The cleanest it will ever be.

Car Elevator...believe me...smaller than it looks.

A tight fit. Thank god for the folding mirrors.

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